A wonderful, idyllic village

The villages trapped between the foothills and the mountain Uludağ are called Kızık, and Cumalıkızık is one of these villages. According to a legend, the name of this village came about when people from other villages gathered here at Friday prayer (called “Cuma”), however, another legend states that the village was established on a Friday and the name was given by Osman Bey.

Since Cumalıkızık village has preserved its traditional houses best among the villages of Kızık, it is protected as a historical area. 60 percent of the 270 houses are still inhabited. Because Cumalıkızık village protects its natural structure, it hosts movies and TV series. Therefore, it has become a frequently visited place.

The village architecture is quite interesting. The streets are narrow and paved with flat stones. Hollow channels are created so rain water can be easily flow away. Some streets are so narrow that it makes it impossible for two people to walk side by side.

Mostly, you will want to view the traditional houses that are still intact when you go to Cumalıkızık. These houses are made of rubble stone, wood and brick. Mud and adobe plaster on walls will catch your eye. The old houses painted in yellow, white, purple and blue are designed as a 3 storey houses. The upper floors generally possess jutties and the windows are covered with wooden latticed framework to prevent women looking at the streets from being seen.

After strolling through the streets and exploring the houses, Cumalıkızık Ethnographic Museum and the Art House in village square are a must see. Remaining from the Ottoman era, the village mosque decorated with woodwork, Zekiye Hatun Çeşmesi (Zekiye Hatun Fountain) and single-domed bath are places worth seeing.

Make sure to taste a traditional breakfast and the Turkish pastry gözleme when you’re there. If you come across the Raspberry Festival celebrated every year in June, taste the raspberry and blackberry jams. Home-made tarhana (soup) and noodles can be found as well.


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